Ik voel nu bevrijd, ik denk nog wel aan roken als ik mensen in mij omgeving zie roken of dampen wat nu. Maar het hoeft voor mij niet meer. Met vriendelijke groet, robert. Allerbeste jan, heb op aanraden van een tabakologe je boek gekocht en gelezen. Ik ben ervan af! Het is werkelijk de allermooiste en prachtigste investering (slechts een goei 10 Euro die ik in mijn leven (nu 66 jaar bijna en rokende sinds mijn 14de levensjaar) heb gedaan. . Op 31 januari dit jaar op je aanraden de laatste sigaret gerookt en ervan genoten, terwijl ik in Cuba was tussen de sigaar rokende cubanenDus vandaag dag 14 zonder stinkstokken.

23 jaar heb ik verschillende pogingen ondernomen, met of zonder medicatie. Maar ik miste altijd iets tijdens die rookstops. Dit is nu niet het geval.

Na nog wat uitstelgedrag van mijn kant, heb ik je boek en theorie tot me genomen. Afgelopen donderdag 2 november heb ik de eerste 100 dagen van mijn opluchting mogen vieren. Ik snap en deel nu de blijheid van mijn dochter, vanmiddag hebben we het er nog over gehad en gedeeld. Bij de organisatie passend lezen voorziening voor mensen met een leeshandicap - zijn verscheidene boeken van jou te verkrijgen. . Echter de opluchting was er niet. Ik heb toen een spoedaanvraag gedaan. Met leiden gevolg dat de opluchting nu wel via deze organisatie in gesproken vorm verkrijgbaar. Dank voor je uitleg en inzicht. Avé, jos, beste, ik heb je boek gekregen van een collega. Die is ondertussen 2 maand gestopt met roken.

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Reacties op de opluchting, dag Jan, mijn dochter Coretta verbaasde me begin dit jaar met de mededeling dat zij gestopt was met roken. Ze noemde in dat kader jouw boek de opluchting. Ze vertelde me er van alles over, maar wat bij mij binnen kwam en bleef hangen was haar horloge blijheid. Die straalde ze uit omdat ze zich heel bewust was van het overwinnen van haar verslaving. Dat feit heeft me enorm getriggerd. Ik kan geen gewone druk lezen omdat ik blind ben, maar door haar bemiddeling kreeg ik van jou pdfs van jouw boek. Dat kon ik via de computer wel lezen.

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Mercury on the mind - by donald. Miller,., md although they afflict widely different age groups, autism and Alzheimer's disease share a common cause: mercury. Boyd Haley, professor and chair of the chemistry department at the University of Kentucky, and. Bernard Rimland, founder of the autism Research Institute, presented evidence at this year's Doctors for Disaster Preparedness meeting that connects mercury with these diseases. The truth behind the vaccine cover-up by russell Blaylock,. D mercury and human health - idaho Observer Vaccine data leads to a shocking Discovery new Study from Northeastern University suggests Link between Vaccine Ingredients And Autism, adhd cdc vaccine data leads Scientists to Shocking Discovery The mmr scandal shows a business riddled with conflicts. Is Mercury toxicity an Autoimmune disorder? Cdc, fda become targets for Investigation, says National Autism Association Unbelieveable! cdc still Allows Mercury in Infant Flu Shots Mercury : The winged Messenger - book on mercury and autism National Autism Association questions iom and cdc cover-Up - how Far Will They go to Protect Toxic Vaccines?

A spokesman for the cdc tells First coast News that the agency plans to undertake an objective review of the data presented at the iom panel. Weldon has already expressed strong skepticism with the cdc's position however, telling First coast News, "I don't believe the cdc can really take an objective position on the issue. They are concerned the fears about thimerosal might lead to parents being afraid to vaccinate their children. But the problem isn't vaccines, it's the thimerosal in vaccines. So parents who are concerned about this need to talk with their pediatrician, and carefully check koolhydraten the product insert in each vaccination to make sure the shot is thimerosal-free." see also: A two-part article by dan Olmsted on autism in the Amish community in the. It was published in The washington Times on April 18 and April 19, 2005.

The Age of Autism: The Amish anomaly red Flags weekly: The autism Pandemic and Relative risk by daniel Hollenbeck (subscription needed) February 2005:. Representatives dave weldon,. From Florida and Carolyn Maloney from New York have reintroduced. 881, a measure that would eliminate mercury from vaccines. La times: '91 Memo warned of Mercury in Shots m: Toxic Tipping point Are the cdc, the fda, and other health agencies covering up evidence that a mercury preservative grijze in children's vaccines caused a rise in autism?

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"I just feel pretty strongly they haven't been honest in analyzing the problem.". So says Florida congressman david Weldon, a physician. Weldon sent a letter to the head of the cdc in October of 2003, charging that data was selectively used in the "Pediatrics" study to make the earlier evidence of a mercury-autism connection disappear. He also asked for another review of the data. The cdc has not yet officially responded to weldon's request.

"Where there's smoke there's fire. And when you see people reluctant to investigate things properly, it makes you think they really don't want to investigate things properly he says. Meantime, parents like bruce Anderson say, while they are not anti-vaccine, they do want doctors to screen children more carefully before administering shots, taking into account the specialized health concerns of each individual child. Anderson also says it's imperative the government recall any vaccines still containing thimerosal. "I have to live with the memory of my child's cries as I held him down while he was being vaccinated, never knowing that I was injuring him.". Bradstreet adds, "This is a very potent neurotoxin. Let's do everything we can to reduce exposure, not justify why it's ok to give just a little." Bradstreet, along with Congressman Weldon and other experts on the issue, reiterated their statements on thimerosal in Washington on February 9th. The occasion was an Institute of Medicine panel hearing information both supporting and rejecting the theory that thimerosal is linked to rising autism rates in children.

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Documents released through the Freedom onderbuik of Information Act, detail the transcript of a meeting held in June of 2000 between members of the cdc, the fda, and representatives from the vaccine industry. The group discusses the results of a february 2000 study that finds a significant association between exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines, and developmental issues like autism in children. Some of the comments- "There are just a host of neurodevelopmental data that would suggest we've got a serious problem." "My gut feeling? I don't want my grandson to get a thimerosal-containing vaccine until we know better what's going." "we are in a bad position from the standpoint of defending any lawsuits.". Finally- "We have asked you to keep this information confidential.". And that's what happened. Three years later, the cdc published a study in the november 2003 issue of "Pediatrics" contradicting the earlier results, and clearing thimerosal of any link to neurological problems in children.

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Bradstreet says some children's bodies just can't handle the onslaught of the toxin. "There are children who don't detox heavy metals well. The more mercury we expose them to the more problems they're going to have bradstreet says. The growing controversy over thimerosal has contributed to its removal from many childhood vaccines, beginning in the late 1990's. But it is still present in some vaccinations, including virtually week all flu shots. The centers for Disease control published a study last fall repudiating any possible link between thimerosal and developmental problems like autism in children. However, first coast News has obtained non-published documents that show the cdc did have data supporting such a link- but kept it from the public.

But that wasn't always the case. "His course of deterioration from a happy, developmentally appropriate child to the problems he began to develop, started right after he received the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine says ryan's father, Bruce Anderson. Now, several therapies are underway to restore ryan's cognitive and behavioral development, which began to show significant impairment at age 18 months. Ryan also presents evidence of a persistent, active measles virus. Ryan's doctor, jeff Bradstreet of Melbourne, is a specialist in autism-related disorders. Using clinical diagnostic testing, he has documented a genetic defect in children that ryan carries. That defect, says Bradstreet, baarmoeder made him vulnerable to a preservative in his vaccinations. The preservative is called thimerosal, and it contains mercury, a known neuro-toxin. Until just a few years ago, children who received a full schedule of vaccinations were injected with mercury in amounts far exceeding epa guidelines.

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News Blog nbsp, articles Archive, see also: Communication Agents: Robin good's, web sites: Activism: aids: Vaccines: Pharma: Information: The Individual - human Ability: Society - politics: Economy: Technology: February 17, 2004, it is quite clear that mercury is a potent neurotoxin and actually kills developing. The serious thing is that mercury has been injected into children with numerous vaccines and it still is - with the spiergroepen majority of flu vaccines. Visual evidence in a film linked here, it takes eons to download so you need a fast connection or a lot of patience. This danger was apparently clear to the cdc since some time in the '90s. The problem was discussed by the cdc, the fda and representatives of the vaccine industry four years ago - in February 2000, only. Firstcoastnews reports the story. Here is an archived copy of the article. Cdc knew of Potential Link between Vaccines, autism. By melissa ross, first coast News, five-year-old ryan Anderson of Jacksonville beach is an animated, happy child.

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